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A- Investment in EAMC (Hospital & Cancer Center) by owning Stocks

  1. EAMC project has private offerings to buy stocks and own part of the hospital
  2. Stock price information and EAMC-Bank wiring information are available for interested investors
  3. A stock certificate will be issued to stock(s) owner with number of stocks & date of purchase
  4. Expected maturity on investment is 4-years
  5. 26% Return on investment (ROI) is expected

B- Owning a medical office on the campus of the Egyptian American Medical Center (EAMC)-Medical Office Building (EAMC-MOB)

  1. State-of-the-art MOB is an integral part of the EAMC medical complex
  2. Association to a prestigious  brand & geographical location will serve to elevate the positioning of your practice in the market
  3. 100-privately owned physicians’ offices
  4. Individual physicians’ offices can be customized to fit each practice’s unique needs
  5. Competitive pricing packages make the offices appealing to physicians and flexible terms are sensitive to their financial means
  6. Physicians are offered the flexibility to either share administrative staff services to  reduce overhead costs or have their own dedicated staff
  7. EAMC will be responsible in addressing and dealing with all non-clinical related services to free-up Doctors' time, such as maintenance, security, landscape, secretarial support, booking a procedure, conferences, etc
  8. EAMC will offer physicians invaluable and priority clinical support easing access to its state-of-the-art service departments that include  Radiology, Laboratory, Pathology, Anesthesiology, and Emergency Medicine
  • Be part of to-be best destination medical care facility in EGYPT
  • Make your work and expertise work for you
  • Invest for you and your family's future
  • Move your practice to 21st century
  • Have a peace of mind and let us worry about non-clinical details
  • We are already affiliated with the best academic & medical centers in USA
  • Be part of an Egyptian-American enterprise
  • We are already an established international healthcare network
  • An internationally acclaimed business administrators
  • Hospital management is our core business model
  • We are professionals with a track record of running successful hospitals in 4-continents
  • Own stocks and be part of to-be best healthcare providers in middle east